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Carolina Gonzalez


Space and Melancholy
C-type print from a photographic negative. 10x8”.

In North London the government is leading project to construct a high-speed line from London to Birmingham. The development of this project will have devastating effects on the local community around Euston. The proposal plan includes the demolition of 136 units of social housing and of more that 60 small buildings, the annihilation of a local school and park. The project will have irreparable consequences such as the loss of the community networks in the area.

The project presented is a series of 20 images of the area around the Euston Station.

The set of images is a graphical approach to a geographic area shaped by the presence of the station. The narrative of the images starts with a general overview of the area, the station and its surrounding environment to lead the viewer into a communal space, the Saint James Garden. The narrative then explores members of the community and evolves into the more private, communitarian spaces.

The images are a personal exploration to understand the area, the social network and the community living in the field.