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Buildering: Misinterpreting Architecture

The city opens itself to the urban climber and the climbers' dérive is one that incorporates the vertical and transgressive. It gives a heightened appreciation of the details of mundane walls and unremarkable urban furniture that typically go unnoticed, untouched and unexplored. Such engagement with the built environment involves employing a vision that is developed as a result of an embodied practice that cannot help but overflow into everyday experience.

For a brief moment, ledges become crimps, a protruding brick becomes a sidepull, a drainpipe becomes a layback. Photography offers a means of granting a provisional stability to these transitory forms, a visual permanence to the angles and surfaces. A quirky, niche, everday practice unfolds onto the city, and an everyday medium gives it an existence beyond its own temporality, emanating digitally through a network of likeminded individuals.